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MeterBoxesDirect Electrical Kiosk Range

MeterBoxesDirect manufactures an extensive range of products for electrical use. Made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), our meter boxes and kiosks are both weather and fire resistant, as well as extremely durable. The electrical kiosks for sale come with specified Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. Ingress Protection rating defines the level of sealing effectiveness of enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies such as dirt or water. IP is followed by two numbers:

  • The first digit represents "degree of protection against solid objects"
  • The second digit represents "degree of protection against water"

Common electrical kiosk applications

These versatile electrical kiosks are today commonly used for a wide range of solutions by both individual consumers as well as by professional operators. Some typical examples of use include:

  • Electrical equipment and systems,

  • Commercial enclosures,

  • Commercial installations.

Our customers already use these electrical kiosks for the protection of electrical boards, distribution, electrical meter housing, vertical fuse cabinets, 2-triphase metering box, photovoltaic NH-fuses and also compressors, to highlight a few examples.

Each unit comes delivered with hinges, lock and keys. Backplates and hockey sticks are also available. You can watch our video on how to install a kiosk on a concrete base by following the link to our YouTube video.

Commercial Kiosks

Can't see what you are looking for? Visit our electrical kiosk range to see our full collection. 

More general information

We have been active in the production of meter boxes for over 40-years and supply many of the industry's leading operators, such as British Gas and the National Grid.

Many years of successful operations and valuable experience within the industry are evident in the quality of the products we produce.


GRP Kiosk UK

How To Assemble An IP55 Flat-Packed Kiosk

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Contact us by phone from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm +44 844 809 4206, by email onlinesales@meterboxesdirect.co.uk or through our webchat.

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