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Electricity Kiosk for Electric Meter

electricity kiosk

MeterBoxesDirect (MBD) supply a wide range of IP rated electricity kiosks which are the perfect electricity kiosk for electric meter housing, switchgear and other applications in the United Kingdom and Ireland. All of our product ranges are developed in-house, using over 40 years of industry experience in the design and manufacturing of superior Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) products.

Indeed, we manufacture a wide range of electricity meter box related items: an electricity kiosk for electric meter housing, gas meter boxes, commercial boxes and meter box spare parts such as replacement doors, hinges, locks and keys.

GRP Electricity Kiosk for Electric Meter Usage

Our kiosks are manufactured to the highest standards and manufactured from GRP, which provides many benefits over powder-coated steel or aluminium products.

Indeed, GRP products are extremely strong, durable, lightweight and resistant to weather. With high-impact resistance and superior electrical capabilities, they are ideal for the housing of sensitive equipment such as electric meters and switchgear.

Weatherproofed Electricity Kiosk

If you are seeking an electricity kiosk for electric meter housing, or for housing any alternative equipment, MBD have an unparalleled range of weatherproofed kiosk and meter commercial boxes  manufactured to IP43, IP55 and IP65. Our products are suited to nearly all commercial and industrial applications in the UK.

Compliant with UK and European standards, MBD kiosks and commercial meter boxes  comply with IEC 62208:2011, the European  standards for empty enclosures as applied to low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies

Extensive Range of GRP Electricity Kiosks

Our electricity kiosk for electric meter housing, or our general GRP kiosks, are available in various sizes to meet your needs. They can be mounted on poles, pedestals, concrete plinths or stones. Please see their installation instructions.

All our kiosks are delivered either flat-packed or pre assembled. If ordered flat-packed, they will require assembly. The process is simple and the procedure is explained in full using assembly instructions that come provided with each product.

You can also now watch our kiosk assembly video here.

Electricity Kiosk for Electric Meter and other applications

MBD electricity kiosks for electric meters are also ideal for many other applications: electrical equipment such as telecommunications, electronic control systems for doors and barriers, EV charging stations to mention a few.

You can see below some concrete examples of possible applications:

  •  Meter Box (domestic) with electrical equipment                          .external controls
  • Meter Box (domestic) with gas metering equipment                    gas metering equipment
  • Meter Box (domestic) with smart electrical meter                          smart electrical meter
  • Meter Box (domestic) with telecommunications equipment      telecommunications equipment
  • Meter Box (commercial) with EV charging                                        EV charging
  • Meter Box (commercial) switchgear                                                    switchgear

If you have any enquiries regarding our product range, please read our brochures and manuals or view our tutorial videos.

For specific questions about any product or the development of a custom solution for your business needs, please contact us today!