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Meter Boxes UK

MeterBoxDirect have over 40 years’ industry experience in the supply of both gas and electric meter boxes for residential and commercial use, as well as offering an extensive range of kiosks and spare parts. Our products are a favored choice of utility companies and designed for all types of stand-alone, wall or pole mounted scenarios. Industry leaders such as ESB and Bord Gais in Ireland, British Gas, Electricity Northwest, British Gas, British and Southern Energy, Western Power Distribution and the National Grid in the UK, all use our highly dependable range of stock.

We undertake all manufacturing at our facilities in both Ireland and the UK, with each unit constructed from extremely durable and weather resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and produced to the highest local authority industry standards. Our range includes options of transparent door coverings which keep units sealed and protected while also allowing for an easy undertaking of meter reading and equipment monitoring.

If you have any enquiries regarding our product range or the development of a specific product for your business needs, please contact us