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Who Are the Best GRP Kiosk Suppliers in the UK?



MeterBoxesDirect are today established as one of the most reliable, expert and well-respected GRP kiosk suppliers across the UK. We have over 25 years of industry experience in the production of both gas and electric meter boxes for many uses within the private and commercial fields, as well as in the supplying of kiosks and spare parts such as hockey sticks and replacement keys.


Why adopt our products?

Our meter boxes and kiosks are used and approved by major utility companies in the UK and Ireland. Some examples include British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy, E-on, Electricity Northwest, EDF, National Grid, Western Power Distribution, Bord Gáis and the ESB.


In fact, they are designed for different purposes and can get mounted on their own, on a wall or a pole. Moreover, our products come manufactured from Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) which is a waterproof, durable and robust material, perfectly suitable for any electrical application. Thus, our kiosks need little to no maintenance and have an expected life usage of ten years plus (it’s the case for our double door kiosks).


Furthermore, our GRP kiosks offer strong vandal proof door enclosures which keep units sealed and secured while also allowing for an easy meter reading and equipment monitoring.


Moreover, our kiosks are delivered flat-packed and supplied with a kit comprised of hinges, lock and key. Full assembly instructions are given with the products and also available online. We can adapt your kiosk to various sizes.

We design and manufacture all our products in-house in our factories in Ireland and the UK. As a dedicated GRP kiosk supplier, we ensure that your kiosks get produced according to the highest local authority industry standards. Our products comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards. We are also part of on the Achilles Utilities Vendors network.


Therefore, our customers can rest assured they are buying from the best GRP electrical kiosk suppliers.


If you have any enquiries regarding our product range, you might find your answer in one of our brochures and manuals or our tutorial videos.


For any specific questions about a product in particular or the development of a custom product for your business needs, please contact us.