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How to install a kiosk?

The Tricel Group is producing meter boxes, commercial kiosks and their spare parts. The company is known to provide high quality product in several countries. The ranges of products are large and are covering different uses for individuals and professionals. These products are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) that confers a resistance in time and weather conditions. The rate IP give you the degree of resistance to liquid and solid bodies. MeterBoxesDirect is one of the leading suppliers of domestic and commercial enclosures and meter boxes. Kiosks are one of the varieties of commercial enclosures or multipurpose box supplied by MeterBoxesDirect, they are suitable for electrical and commercial installations. These are available in different sizes and are used for many applications. Example uses:

  • Distribution & Protection board
  • Electrical indirect metering
  • Vertical fuse cabinet
  • 2-Triphase metering box
  • Photovoltaic nh-fuses

Step by step procedure

These IP43 Kiosks can be easily mounted on walls, concrete plinths or on poles depending on customer’s requirements. How to install our kiosk on existing concrete plinth using Rawl Plugs or concrete anchors? The holes are drilled on concrete plinth to fit concrete anchors or rawl plugs at desired locations. Concrete anchors or rawl plugs of recommended size should be M10x140. Once the concrete anchors are fitted at the desired location, the kiosk can be placed over it. The base of kiosk has knockouts to insert these fittings. Once the anchors are fitted inside the kiosk base, tighten the plug’s nut with large washer to fix the kiosk to the ground. Please follow the steps described:

  • Mark holes to install fit rawl plugs.
  • Drill holes for rawl plugs
  • Fit rawl plugs accordingly for kiosk base thickness 40 mm
  • Placement of Kiosk on rawl plugs
  • Tight the rawl plug’s nut with washer
  • Check the fit of installation

How to install a Kiosk on concrete base - video

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Commercial Kiosks
  1. Large electric commercial GRP Kiosk
    Electrical Kiosk (1000x750x300mm) EB0031
    £376.56 £313.80
    Out of stock
  2. Kiosk - 750x750x300mm
    Electric Kiosk (750x750x300mm) EB0029
    £336.62 £280.52
  3. Electric Kiosk - 750x500x300mm
    Electric Kiosk (750x500x300mm) EB0026
    £237.98 £198.32
    Out of stock
  4. Kiosk - 500x750x300mm
    Electric Kiosk (500x750x300mm) EB0028
    £212.62 £177.18

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