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How to repair a meter box?

The Tricel Group is producing meter box and spare parts for meter box. The company is known to provide high quality products in several countries. The category product of meter box is large and is covering different uses for domestic and professionals. These products are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) that confers a nonconductive resistance in time and weather conditions. The appropriate IP rating give you the degree of resistance to liquid and solid bodies. Usually, if you need to repair your meter box it is due to exceptional weather conditions, vandalism or external intrusions. On our website, you can find a range of electrical meter boxes, gas meter boxes, commercial meter boxes and multipurpose Kiosks.

Step to step procedure to repair a meter box

A meter box has to be replaced when it’s damaged. On our website, order the product needed and once received, you can follow the steps below:

  • Remove the damaged meter box door (by depressing the brass pin hinge using a flat head screwdriver).
  • Install the meter box door bought on the website by holding it upright.
  • Place the steel hinge into the bottom side pre-drilled hole.
  • Position the brass spring in the top side pre-drilled hole by depressing the pin using slat screw driver tip.
  • Remove screw driver when brass pin is near the top hinge-hole. A slight push near hinge to align pin with hole will let the depressed brass to expand into the hinge hole.
  • Check the meter box door for fitting. Please have a look on our video How to replace a meter box door?

Different types of meter box door

On our website, you find different types of meter box doors: Gas meter box door is easy to recognize. On the bottom of the door, a text symbol ”G” is embossed. On the front face of the door, vents are available to allow ventilation for gas metering equipment. Easy to clean, the gas meter box door is compliant with Board Gais Standards DO/DS/S/MB/002. Electric meter box door has the electric flash symbol embossed near the bottom corner or printed on the door front face. All the doors are fire retardant, electrically non-conductive and compliant with ESI standard 12-3 April 1986. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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