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How to Take a Gas Meter Reading - Scottish Power

smart gas meter

Very soon, every British household will possess a free smart meter. The new systems are available to homeowners, landlords and small businesses (of up to 10 employees).

Electricity and gas smart meters will be rolled out by different energy suppliers. It is part of a national upgrade system plan to curb excessive energy consumption in the United Kingdom. The project got launched by Smart Energy GB.

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

With this kind of meter, you will be able to see how much energy you are using, to the penny, in real time. Information will be viewable on an in-home display unit.

As such, you will be able to control your energy use much better as you will have a clearer idea of where and when you are spending the most. Through this, you can save money and reduce your energy bills drastically by changing some of your life habits: use the ecosystem for the dishwasher, only boil what water you need, dry your clothes using a washing line whenever you can. Access to your real-time consumption data will allow you to calculate not just costs, but also savings accrued by offsetting electrical tasks against simple manual ones.

How to get installed my smart gas meter ?

Contact your current supplier to set an appointment. When a qualified installer does schedule a house visit to fit your smart meter, at no extra cost, you should generally prepare by following a few short steps that get explained in this checklist from Scottish Power.

The new meter will usually go where your old meter was. If you ever need a new gas meter box to house your smart gas meter that is at the ground or a low level, you can use our universal smart gas meter box. If your existing box is a recessed type at mid to high level, we recommend using our GBP0001 recessed gas meter box.

Should your existing box be a surface mounted type at mid to high level, you can purchase the GBP0002 surface gas meter box. These boxes are suitable for all residential gas meters, including smart meters.

How to take a gas meter reading - Scottish Power?

Usually, the installer will show you how to read both your in-home display and smart meter. However, this is no longer required as automatic readings will be sent regularly to your energy supplier. In any case, we will explain you below how to take a gas meter reading - Scottish Power (as an example):

On your in-home display:

  1. Press the settings button

  2. Press the utility button (flame/plug) to switch between electricity and gas meter readings

  3. Your gas meter reading gets shown in the top right-hand corner.

  4. Read the number from left to right

On your smart meter inside your gas meter box:

  1. Press any button to wake up the display

  2. The number shown on the screen is your meter reading.

Now you should ideally know how to take a gas meter reading, Scottish Power’s one at least. In case you have a different gas or smart electric meter, you can read this useful guide on how to read smart meters.

If you still haven’t replaced your old meter, we do provide an extensive range of electric and gas meter boxes as well as kiosks for all types of meters; you can browse all our items here.

For specific questions about any product or the development of a custom solution for your business needs, please contact us.