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The Importance of a Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures

Weatherproof electrical enclosures are used to house sensitive devices such as electrical wiring, switches and further apparatus. However, the majority of domestic electrical enclosures house electrical meters which are used for meter reading. These enclosures provide a number of key benefits, such as increased safety, as well as increasing the lifespan of sensitive equipment.

Weathering of such equipment can result in rust, corrosion, faults and a wide range of further issues. It is a well-known fact that water and electrical equipment of any type are not good bedfellows, and in order to avoid hazardous situations, it is important to use highly durable protective enclosures.

This article will examine the causes of corrosion and water leakage, the dangers associated with it, and why it is vital to install an electrical weatherproof enclosure.

Why is it Important to Have a Weatherproof Electrical Enclosure?

A waterproof enclosure will give you peace of mind with your meter box as it ensures that it is safe and working properly. It is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to leaks. It will provide a robust durability and will increase the lifespan of your electric meter box significantly.

Dangers of Water Being Present in your Outside Electrical Meter Box

If you ever notice water in your outside electrical meter box it is extremely important that you immediately step back from the enclosure without touching anything and call a professional electrician. Water can cause some major issues as well as increased danger through the possibility of electrical transference.

The professional electrician will make sure the unit is safe and then identify the source of the moisture and quickly assess any additional damage done to wiring or the panel box. If water is allowed to remain within an enclosure over time it can damage the enclosed equipment.

Where to Buy High-Quality and Durable Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures

MeterBoxDirect provides a wide range of fully tested and certified electrical meter box enclosures. These meter cabinets are extremely durable and long-lasting. You can source various sizes to suit all types of requirements and also a vast amount of replacement parts for any repair requirements.

If you have noticed any damage which may affect the weatherproofing of your enclosure, such as cracks or breaks, view our range to identify a replacement part or unit.

 Please feel free to contact us directly as members of our sales team are standing by and happy to help with any queries that you may have.


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