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Installation Guide of Metal Meter Box Covers

Step by Step Installation of metal over box

Recommended tools

• Marker pen or pencil

• Drill

• Drill bit to suit screws (4mm x 13mm)

• Suitable screw driver

• Spirit level

• External silicone

• Safety glasses / gloves / PPE (suitable personal protective equipment).

*Please advise any installation should be carried out by a competent individual.*

Remember electricity and gas can kill and cause damages, please ensure that you are able to safely carry out the installation. If for any reason you decide that the installation carries a risk DO NOT proceed but contact the utility company on the emergency call out number.

Installation procedure:

1. Carefully remove the old damaged door if it is still present.

2. Remove packaging from the metal overbox and remove the key on the back of the door.

3. Open the door of metal overbox with the key.

4. Place the new unit up over the existing unit carefully. It should slide over the existing unit (it may be required to adjust the frames to accommodate the metal overbox in existing unit).

5. Mark one side of the composite meter box for the positioning of the holes on the frame with a marker pen or similar.

6. Drill four small holes (3mm/3.5mm /1/8” drill bit) at the marks to suit the screws (4mm x 13mm long) carefully.

7. Offer up the unit again and secure the one side of the metal overbox with four screws.

8. Use the spirit level to make sure the box is straight and correctly aligned.

9. Mark the other side for holes with frames of the metal overbox with a marker pen or pencil.

10. Drill other four small holes (on opposite side) carefully on the marked locations to suit the screws to attach the metal frames with exiting composite meter box.

11. Secure the two other brackets with four screws, fastening to the internal composite box

12. Check the locking and fitting of the door and secure locks 13. The top edge and sides are to be sealed with using suitable silicone seal.

14. Please make sure the meter box is earthed before using this overbox.

15. There is a location provided on the inner wall of door to facilitate easy earth.