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Choosing an Electric Meter Box

Choosing an Electric Meter Box

Choosing an Electric Meter Box does not have to be a difficult task. There are many options on the market at present but once you have an idea of the size required (to the nearest mm) and noted any recommendations from your electricity provider, the task should be straightforward.

It is important to note that any new electric meter boxes should be installed by a suitably qualified professional.

Electric Meter Box Types

MeterBoxesDirect offer a variety of electric meter boxes to choose from. The most popular fits on offer include recessed and surface mounted. All of the electric meter boxes on offer are manufactured from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). GRP Meter Boxes are corrosion resistant. All are manufactured in an off-white finished but can be buffed down and painted if required for a bespoke finish.


Recessed fit refers to a meter box which sits into the cavity of the wall. This is extremely common throughout the UK.

One of our most popular recessed fits is the UK Standard Recessed Electric Meter Box which is compliant to British Standards. It measures 595mm (height) x 409mm (width) x 220mm (depth).

The box is supplied with a wooden backboard, hinges, lock and a key.

Our second recessed fit is a Medium Permali Electric Box which measures 609mm (height) x 490mm (width) x 195mm (depth).

This box is also supplied with a wooden backboard, hinges, lock and key.

Surface Mounted

Surface Mounted Electric Meter Boxes will sit onto the wall and are not required to be set into the wall cavity.

The most popular version on offer from MeterBoxesDirect is the UK Standard Surface Mounted Electric Meter Box which measures similarly to its recessed counterpart listed above at 596mm (height) x 410mm (width) x 220mm (depth).

As included with the recessed meter boxes, the surface mounted options also include a backboard, hinges and key.

Buy Electric Meter Box Online

To buy your new electric meter box, visit our Electric Meter Box section on meterboxesdirect.co.uk and have it delivered straight to your door. We also supply 3 phase electric meter boxes, hockey sticks and electric meter box covers (which are great for quick fix repairs!)

MeterBoxesDirect have over 40 years’ experience in the meter box industry. We manufacture to the highest standards at our production facilities in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK and Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland. 


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