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How to replace a door latch?

On MeterBoxesDirect, the latch is provided with all the doors. However, if you need to replace it, remove the broken one, all you need to do is follow a 2 steps process as described below:

1- Place the latch section on the inside of the door.

2- From the outside of the door, insert the wavy washer and then the latch post clicking into place.

The latch sold on MeterBoxesDirect is a universal locking mechanism. It will suit to most of gas and electric meter box doors. The 2 steps are easy to follow and so the replacement is quick. The latches are also hard wearing.

Each door lock kit contains a wavy washer, a star lock washer and a lock. The 3 pieces needed are sold together in a single pack. You will find them in our Meter Box Repair Kit as well.

The measurements of a latch are 40mm high, 21.5mm wide and 3.3mm thickness.

  1. Nylon meter box door lock
    Nylon Door Lock Kit
    £3.73 £3.11
  2. Meter Box Replacement Latch
    Meter Box Replacement Latch
    £3.73 £3.11
  3. Meter box repair kit for electric and gas boxes
    Meter Box Repair Kit
    £7.93 £6.61
  4. Aluminium Meter Box Door Lock
    Aluminium Door Lock Kit
    £3.73 £3.11

More general information

Tricel has been active in the construction of meter boxes for over 40 years and supplies many of the industry leaders, such as British Gas and the National Grid. All our products are developed with both precision and industry needs at the forefront of our minds. The many years garnered within the industry are evident in the quality of all products which we produce. We also specialise in the development of custom moulds to help customers solve unique issues.


How to fit a replacement meter box latch

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