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MeterBoxesDirect Electricity and Gas Industry Partners

Over the years, MeterBoxesDirect has gained an excellent reputation. Thanks not only to our quality products and related services but also to our network of remarkable electricity and gas industry partners.

Here is a list of our main partners:

Health and Safety Membership  rospa logo

We have been a part of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for six years now. As such, we get access to a lot of easy-to-use tools and resources as well as valuable advice from other safety experts within this prestigious community.

Therefore, as a result of this membership, we can continually be on top of our game in the electricity and gas markets in terms of both safety and security. Thus, our customers are guaranteed that our products comply with the highest industry standards.

Achilles  achilles logo

MeterBoxesDirect has been a member of Achilles for four straight years. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to improve our working practices and structure to raise our ethical and sustainable standards, meeting all our buyers’ needs.

That’s why our customers can rest assured that our products are of high quality as we make sure to follow the best practices available.

For these reasons, MeterBoxesDirect is proud to be able to work with a full range of unique electricity and gas industry partners.