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How To Assemble An IP55 Flat-Packed Kiosk

Suitable for electrical and commercial installation, our IP55 single door kiosks come delivered flat-packed. That’s why we will explain to you in this article how to assemble an IP55 flat-packed kiosk by yourself. You can also view our video on our website here.

How to assemble an IP55 flat-packed kiosk: instructions

1. Assemble the two sides first. Ensure the side with the black seal is at the right-hand side, front facing. The pre-drilled holes with inserts are kept at the back of the base plate.

2. Insert the screws to attach the sides to the base, do not fully tighten the screws at this stage. Turn kiosk around, the back of the kiosk facing you.

3. Apply the sealant tape 8x8mm to the base rear side of the base plate; the rear wall will get mounted over this seal. Apply the second half of the sealant tape 8x8mm to the top of the back plate.

4. Assemble the back plate to the sides, inserting screws, again do not fully tighten at this stage at four corners.

5.  Insert longer dowels at the top of the back plate.

6.  Insert the top plate.

7. Insert the four screws to attach the top plate to the sides.

8. Fully tighten all of the screws throughout the kiosk.

9. Insert the back plate and tighten screws..

How to assemble an IP55 flat-packed kiosk: door assembly instructions

10. Apply sealant around three sides – bottom side, left side and top of the frame. Seal location shown in the drawing.

Note: Weather seal to be applied carefully to obtain specified weather protection (IP rating).

11. To attach the door, push down the bottom hinges. The door will get positioned in the grooves located at the bottom corner and top corner. Hinges must be turned 90⁰ to lock in place.

12. Push in the brass fitting and slide the lock cover upwards, turning clockwise with the key and pull out the handle.

13. Close the door as normal, pulling down the handle to lock in place,

If you are still not sure about how to assemble an IP55 flat-packed kiosk, please contact us directly, we will be happy to assist.