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Replacement Gas Meter Boxes by MeterBoxesDirect

If you are looking for a replacement gas meter box, look no further, as MeterBoxesDirect offers a wide range of gas meter boxes, accessories and spares. With over 40 years experience in the construction industry, we are supplying many industry leaders. Our products are made of GRP, they are durable and meet industry standards.

The range of gas meter boxes available

We have 3 types of gas meter boxes available.

1. Surface-mounted gas meter boxes

The UK Standard Mark 2 Surface Mounted Gas Meter Box is available.

Its dimensions are 510mm high x 408mm wide x 242mm deep. It comes supplied with hinges, lock and key. And it is designed for installations to British Standard BS6400:1:2:3.

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2. Semi buried or submerged gas meter boxes

Two products are available in the range.

  • The IGT Semi-submerged Gas Meter Box. This gas meter box is designed to house G4/U6 meters and/or regulator assemblies. It is suitable for all new build, I.G.T installations. This meter box is approved by Sensus Metering, Krom Schroeder, GTC, IPL, Core Utilities and British Gas Connections.Its dimensions are as follows: 460mm high x 450mm wide x 400mm deep.

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  • The Universal Smart Gas Meter Box is suitable for all Gas Meter installations in the UK Market (includes the latest prepayment & smart meters). This meter box is 500mm high x 474mm wide x 303mm deep. It also complies with British Standard B.S. 8499 : 2009.

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3. Recessed gas meter boxes

The UK Standard Mark 2 Recessed Gas Meter Box is 595mm high x 409mm wide x 214mm deep. It is suitable for all meters including prepay and smart and complies to British Standard BS 8499: 2009.

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Replacement door for gas meter box

The range of replacement doors is also available in a variety of sizes to suit all gas meter boxes. Made of Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) which ensures water tight/resistance and non-corrosion. This manufacture also allows for re-paint of the meter box and can easily be cleaned Meter cupboard doors

Replacing a meter box door is simple, please see below the instruction video "How to fit a replacement / repair a meter box door".


Meter box Door and frame

We also supply the Mark 2 Surface Mounted Gas Box Door and Frame - UK Standard (503 x 407mm). View more & Order now

The installation of the door and frame is straight forward, please see below the steps.

  1. Remove damaged/old lid and frame, by taking out the fixing studs on the base and lid and lifting the frame up and pulling out from the box.
  2. Slot the outer door and frame over the lip of the box mounted on the wall.
  3. The frame and door is then fastened to the back through the hole at the base of the box with the fixing studs.


Spares/ Extras for gas meter boxes

As well as the meter boxes, the doors and frames, we also supply a range of accessories or associated products, including:


Tricel also offers a range of extra/spare products that may be lost, misled over time or damaged by wind etc. We offer key’s to fit all meter boxes and also a range of replacement doors, meter box hinges, meter box cover, gas meter box door, studs and spigots. View the full list.

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For information on how to install a new door frame click here.

On MeterBoxesDirect you can also find electric meter box doors as well as a wide range of electric meter cabinets, replacements, spares and associated products. View more & Order now