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Door frame replacement

Door frame replacement

Meterboxesdirect manufactures locally, high-quality meter boxes & door frame replacement. Nevertheless, as these are products installed outside, they may be subject to damage. Thus, Meterboxesdirect, puts at your disposal simple solutions to replace a damaged door.

All the door frames or over boxes and covers are available on our website for Gas & electric meter boxes.

How to install a new door frame?

To install a new door frame, you will have to follow specific instructions that are different for every product and every category please refer to the available related brochures and videos. Electricity and Gas are dangerous and has potential to hurt and kill, please make sure that replacement is done by a competent individual.


Electric over boxes & frames

EDP0007- Large Electric Meter Box Outer Door and Frame (795 x 565 x 40mm).

EDP0001- Flush Fitted Electric Meter Box Cover (680 x 485 x 45mm).

EBP0025 - GRP Architrave Over Box Door and Frame (701 x 504mm).

MEB0001 - Meter Box Electrical Metal Overbox Recessed 609 x 422 x 87mm.


Gas over Boxes & Frames

GDP0004 - Mark 2 Surface Mounted Gas Box Door and Frame - UK Standard (503 x 407mm).

MGB0001 - Meter Box Gas Metal Overbox Recessed 609 x 422 x 87mm.

You can also find some video examples on our “how to videos” page. An easy way to replace your damaged door with the help of a professional.


Meter boxes spares put also at your disposal meter boxes spares. Everything you need to fix a damaged meter box or upgrade an existing one.

  • Keys
  • Pipes
  • Cable covers
  • Door locks
  • Hinges
  • Hockey stick
  • Etc


For any further details on door frame & over meter box please visit our technical page. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.