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What are the Types of Gas Meter Box Installations?

When installing a gas meter box, only a certain number of positions and locations are permitted. The type of installation can differ depending on the building; there are different installations for different situations. It is important to be aware of the differences between these installation types before you decide which meter box is the best for your requirements. Electric & Gas meter boxes, replacement doors & spare parts. Find details in our Guide.

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Differences between Recessed, Surface Mounted & Semi-Concealed

Recessed Gas Meter Box

This type of installation requires the cavity wall of a building or a pillar enclosure. The meter box is installed within either of these; it is built into the wall and not screwed or nailed on. As a recessed gas meter box doesn’t protrude out of the wall nearly as much as a surface mounted meter box, it shouldn’t cause any obstructions.

A recessed meter box is usually installed in a new one-off build, or as part of a new extension, as it requires the cavity/hole within one of the walls of the building.

Surface Mounted Gas Meter Box          

A surface mounted meter box is installed on a suitable and accessible outside property/boundary wall. This type of installation will cause the meter box to protrude out quite a bit (approximately 250mm), so be certain that the installation of this surface mounted meter box won’t cause any unnecessary obstruction, or be placed in such an area that it could be easily damaged.

It’s very usual for this type of meter box to be installed on older buildings.

Semi-Concealed Gas Meter Box

This type of meter box is designed in such a way that it is to be installed against an outer wall of a building while also being partially concealed in the ground. A semi-concealed meter box must be installed in an area where it won’t cause any obstructions such as people tripping over it, vehicular damage, etc.

This type of meter box installation may not be suitable for all types of property.

Where you can install your chosen meter box

After deciding which meter box you would like to install, it is good to know where is suitable to actually place it:

  • At the front wall of the building; on either side of the front door, or on either side of a sealed window.
  • Where it would be easily accessible in the case of an emergency.
  • On the boundary wall of the property.

Where you cannot install your chosen meter box

It’s also important to be aware of where you shouldn’t go about installing it:

  • Where it could cause obstruction, or be easily subject to damage.
  • Directly above manholes, drains, electricity meters, or airbricks.
  • Directly under electricity meters, appliance flues, or windows that open.
  • At the very back of a house, or locked behind a gate.
  • Where, in the case of an emergency, the access to the meter box may be restricted.

Where to find meter boxes to install

MeterBoxesDirect offers a fantastic range of meter boxes, including all of the different types of installations mentioned above.