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General - Meter Boxes

General - Meter Boxes

Hello, the recessed depth is 155mm on all recessed boxes. Thank you.
Created by Robert Allan on 13 Jul 2020

Check our dedicated Electrical Hockey Stick page to find out more. 

on 7 Jul 2020

IP rating of our meter boxes

Most of our meter boxes are at least IP43 rated. Some of them are IP65 rated. For our kiosks, they are either IP43 or IP55 rated. To offer our customers the best in class products, we perform monthly water ingress testing on our entire range to ensure all our offerings are compliant with the current European and British standards. You can watch the video of our water ingress testing on our "How To Video" page.

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on 24 Oct 2019
Required clearance around meter boxes/kiosks Depending on the product, there may be a specification regarding the required clearance issued by the electricity or gas company. It is best to consult with yours, especially for gas meter boxes as only certified gas installers can fit a gas box. Nonetheless, we do advise as best practice not to place meter boxes under a window. However, sometimes, if you replace damaged products, they will be fitted in the same location as the defective product, and it may already be located under a window due to space constraints. Freestanding kiosks do not require any special clearance, except for space needed for the opening of the box door and venting (if necessary for a particular... Read more
on 19 Aug 2019
Installation of Meter Boxes There are no specific regulations on who can install meter boxes. As long as it is carried out according to the BS Standards and Utilities Standards, you can even do it yourself using our tutorial videos or our spec sheets which also have fitting instructions. However, in many cases, if the meter needs to be disconnected or moved, then the installation must be carried out by a regulated and certified company who is qualified to do this. We always advise contacting your utility... Read more
on 14 Aug 2019
Painting your Meter Boxes Yes, you can. However, take extra care when painting your meter box. Indeed, you have to ensure that the paint you want to use won’t alter the properties of the meter enclosure. For example, particular paints can affect the insulation property of a GRP meter box against both heat and electricity. Please also note that the paint used for pipes and other outdoor GRP product might not be suitable as the paint has to respect the fire-retardant property of the meter box. Therefore, fire retardant paints can be a viable option to paint meter boxes. However, make sure paint does not block the vents on the unit with drying. Finally, if the wrong paint type gets applied, the paint might flake off, and the result might not meet your aesthetic expectations or remain intact over time. Be sure to identify any safety requirements before initiating the painting process... Read more
on 8 Aug 2019

A single-phase electricity supply delivers less power than that of a three-phase. For example, a regular house will need single-phase, while large flats or commercial buildings will require a three-phase.

If your house is using a single-phase supply, your electric installation will have a 100amp fuse. If it is using a three-phase, you will find three 100amp fuses.

on 24 Jul 2019