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General - Meter Boxes

General - Meter Boxes

You will be unable to fit this meter box once the meter has been installed so if you want to change your current meter box to this product you will need to contact your service provider/gas engineer to take the meter out and then reinstall it into the new meter box.
Created by Joanna on 30 Jun 2021
The minimum wall cut out for the EB0011 is 535 x 365 x 150mm. Please see brochure.

Created by carl dudley on 28 Jun 2021
The minimum depth of the wall cut out for GBP0001 is 150mm making the meter box protrude about 60mm from the wall. Please see brochure.

Created by Richard Hurdwell on 26 May 2021
The EB0019 can be used for a domestic house meter as long as it is large to fit the meter. You will need to check this with your service provider as we would not be aware of what meter they are fitting for you.
Created by Antony Minutillo on 1 Apr 2021
Unfortunately the vents on the gas doors we manufacture are solid and would not have the ability to swell up and close in the event of a fire.
Created by Jackie Dyble on 17 Mar 2021
The riser pipe cover is used for above ground level to protect the pipes going into the gas meter box.
Created by Ashis on 9 Feb 2021
Yes, there is a cable cut-out on the exterior surface of the lip at the bottom of the meter box.
Created by Daniel Nunn on 4 Feb 2021

This is a complete meter box with a back, sides and door. Please see brochure.

Created by Janet Walsh on 28 Jan 2021
Yes, there is a backplate on this gas meter box. Please see the tab "details" and the specification sheet under "Product Download" with images of the inside of the box. Thank you.
Created by lloyd richards on 9 Jan 2021
The best way to be notified when a product is back in stock is to click on "Notify me when this product is in stock" on the product page (just under the price). You'll be asked to log in or register and then will be notified by email when the product is back in stock. Thank you.
Created by Jane Portal on 5 Jan 2021

The minimum wall cut out is 540 x 350 x 150mm for the EBP0016. Please see the specification sheet.

Created by Christopher Laing on 11 Dec 2020
Unfortunately no, U16 meters are industrial so too big for our boxes.
Created by Darren Horzey on 28 Oct 2020
Yes, the standard recessed gas and electric boxes come complete with the door.
Created by dean james on 26 Oct 2020

Hello, for fitting instruction please have a look at this page/guide.

Created by michael martin on 4 Oct 2020